what things are required in wedding planning

There are lots of things which might be required in any wedding planning but there are few things which are very common in every wedding like food, decoration, place, and many other arrangements. If you are planning to manage wedding by yourself without hiring any wedding planner then you will need these things which can help you make your own type of wedding arrangements. Since this is about self-arranged wedding here are few things which are required.

We can start with catering which are very common thing which people often hire for food arrangement but instead of hiring catering service you can manage to hire cook and make your own food as per your desire in your supervision. This plan will only work if you have lots of members in your family and they all would like to arrange things along with every body else. Food taste isn’t matter in wedding but you can make it matter by making your wedding planning special.

After this you can try managing decoration which can be done by decorators but you can hire few people and get your wedding place decorated which you also have to find out. If you already have a place for wedding then you will just need a decorator. Decoration can be as per your desire the lighting and flowers etc. everything else can be managed by the members of the house because guest welcome and everything else should be managed by family members except priest.

Because not all the wedding planners often do these types of things which is why they are quire professional and so much dedicated to their work. They often have their own team which they often use to manage the wedding. Those wedding planners can easily be found via free classifieds, google maps and web directories but those can’t make your wedding the special because all the wedding planners are having their own set of rules and have limited line of everything including food, decoration etc.

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